Vocational and Employment Certification and Accreditation Agency (VECAA)

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                                  About VECAA
VECAA services are Employment Specialist specific.  VECAA was developed to provide verification and validation to the individuals, consultants and/or organizations providing employment services to job seekers and employers. 

VECAA establishes the standards for Employment Specialists through its certification program.  The VECAA certified Employment Specialist designation indicates a high level of specialized training and experience.  

VECAA emphasizes employment specialist professionalism through the understanding of key competency standards based on current practices in   the field. Certified Employment Specialist adhere to the VECAA Code of Professional Ethics for Employment Specialist.  VECAA promotes the ongoing commitment to continuing education.

It is not the intent of VECAA to guarantee that a specific individual  is suitable for employment or to impose restrictive staffing requirements on any agency. VECAA’s objective is to establish a certification process that can be used with confidence by any interested party as a measure of an individual’s basic knowledge of employment systems. 

VECAA's staff has associations/memberships in the following organizations: 

​National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS)
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 
Ohio Career Development Association (OCDA) 
Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC)

VECAA has associations with the following educational institutions:

Case Western Reserve University 
Ursuline College
Kent State University 
Cuyahoga Community College
Dekalb County Community College

VECAA was established in 2009.  

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