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                 Certification  Examination Information

                 VECAA Employment Specialist Certification

The VECAA certified Employment Specialist is a Job Developer that is knowledgeable of employer hiring practices, assist in job description development and can assist the employer in developing quality production standards.  The VECAA certified Employment Specialist is knowledgeable of employment trends, develops and promotes employment opportunities and job training opportunities. The Job Developer is also trained as a recruiter working with employers to find the right fit for the right job. The Job Developer is capable of providing additional employer/employee services as established by the employer.

The VECAA certified Employment Specialist is a Job Placement Specialist. 
The Job Placement Specialist is knowledgeable of: the labor market, current hiring practices and trends.  Job Placement Specialist assist the job seeker in identifying:  career paths, various training programs, job referral services and staffing and personnel agencies that will assist in identifying the "hidden job market."   

The VECAA certified Employment Specialist is a trained Career Adviser/Coach. The VECAA Career Adviser is certified to provide information, advice and guidance to help people make realistic choices about their education, training and work. The Career Adviser/Coach may deal with a range of clients of all ages who want a career or a career change or need advice and information regarding further training. Career Adviser/Coach can help identify options for suitable careers. In addition the Career Adviser/Coach is automatically certified to train Employment Specialist and Job Developers. Career Advisers and Coaches are VECAA certified to conduct workshops, seminars and webinars. 
​A  VECAA Certification:

  • Establishes a professional identity
  • Establishes a minimum level of knowledge and a continuous upgrading of skills
  • Abide by a published code of ethical practice
  • Provides a review process of published standards of practice
  • Promotes ongoing role and function studies to validate the Employment Specialist practice
  • Provides employers and clients with a recognizable point of reference
  • Can lead to faster career and salary advancement 

2020  VECAA Examination Schedule 

The VECAA exam is administered three (3) times a year.            Upcoming test dates and application deadlines are as follows:

Application Deadline          Exam Date                    Exam Results                                                                                                     Available                       

March 9, 2020                    May 17, 2020                     June 12, 2020
June 22, 2020                    August 14, 2020                September 18 ,2020
September 25, 2020          November 13, 2020           December 18, 2020

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