Vocational and Employment Certification and Accreditation Agency (VECAA)

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The Vocational and Employment Certification and Accreditation Agency (VECAA) certifies Employment Specialist as having met the standards for the general and specialty practice of professional employment specialists as established by the agency.
The VECAA Code of Ethics provides ethical standards for the professional behavior of all VECAA applicants/certificants.  

The Code of Ethics provides an expectation of assurance for the ethical practice for all who use the professional services of a VECAA certificant. All applicants/ certificants will agree to the VECAA Code of Ethics as a condition of certification.  Violation of any portion of the Code may result in disciplinary action as outlined in the Disciplinary Policy. 

The basic objectives of the VECAA Code of Ethics are to:

Promote consumer protection by specifying ethical behavior expected of
  Employment Specialist.

Establish principles that define ethical behavior and best practices of 
  Employment Specialist .

Serve as an ethical guide designed to assist Employment Specialist in structuring 
  a professional course of action that best serves those utilizing employment services.

Encourage professionalism in the practice of Employment Services.

Improve the quality of industry knowledge and its application to increase 
  professional  and personal effectiveness. 

Keep confidential all VECAA examination information including
  preventing unauthorized disclosure of exam information.  

VECAA candidates and certificants are to keep confidential all VECAA examination information including preventing unauthorized disclosure of exam information. 

Acknowledgements and References

Reference documents, statements and sources for development of the VECAA Code of Ethics were as follows:

National Board for Certified Counselors Code of Ethics (2005). Greensboro, NC 

Association of People Supporting Employment /Certified Employment Services Professionals Code of Conduct Rockville, MD.

American Staffing Association. (1999 – 2013) ASA Search and Placement Code of Ethics and Good Practices 

Commission on Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (2010). Code of Professionals Ethics for Rehabilitation Counselors. Schaumburg, IL

American Counseling Association Code of Ethics.

Please be advised that this is a portion of the VECAA Code of Ethics. 
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