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Training Opportunities for Professional Staff  (TOPS)
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VECAA offers training courses to Employment Specialist (ES) professionals to insure that quality placement services are provided.
 Employment Specialist that complete the certification training program will  know how to assist job seekers with employment barriers such as: 

  • the long term unemployed  little or no transferable skills
  • substance abuse problems
  • criminal record
  • illiteracy or low level literacy
  • ​a physical, mental, emotional or learning disability 
  • single parents

The TOPS training program is a home study course designed to assist in
passing the VECAA Employment Specialist Certification Exam. Classroom training is available for job placement organizations, non-profit organizations and other career learning centers. 

The TOPS home study training program is divided into 4 modules. 

Module 1:  History:Labor Laws, Occupational and Labor Market Resources, Career                    Development Theories

Module 2: Job Development Strategies: Employer/Company Research Resources,                  Making Employer Contacts, Meeting Employer Expectations, Employer                  Societal Issues and Trends, Assisting Employers Develop Job 
                 Descriptions, etc.

Module 3: Job Placement: Job Matching Strategies, Career Exploration, Identifying                  Strengths, Abilities and Goals; Locate jobs in the "hidden" job                                   markets and  Understanding Skills Assessment tools 

Module 4: Career Adviser: Strategies and Resources for Career Guidance

Upon completion of the TOPS training program the Employment Specialist will receive a certificate of completion and is eligible​ to register and take the VECAA Employment Specialist certification exam.

The TOPS home study training coursefee range is $850.00 - $1,200.00  Based on number of participants.

Several of the home study courses have CRC credit approval.

Discounts are offered to employers who have 10 or more Employment Specialist.  Contact our offices for your employer discount.